Ashley Sheridan wrote on 2009-10-21 22:43:

The {} only become really useful when you're trying to reference arrays
within a string:

$var = array('great', 'boring');

$text = "this is {$var[0]}.";

Without the curly braces, PHP wouldn't be able to figure out whether you
wanted the end string to be 'This is great.' or 'This is [0].' despite
the variable itself clearly being an array.

Ehh what? This has never been a problem for me:

$text = "this is $var[0].";

However this does give an error (or notice, don't recall, haven't seen the error in quite a while):

$text = "this is $var['0'].";

In that case the solution is the curly brackets:

$text = "this is {$var['0']}.";

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