Robert and others,

I made that change in the code. It still does not trap the failure. I
believe the reason is that the script is timing out while
file_get_contents() is sitting there waiting for input. The problem is that
the function never returns, so there is no return value to check. What I
need is to get file_get_contents() to quit trying before the script timeout
limit is reached, so I can catch the failure and try again. If that cannot
be done, then I need to get the shutdown function to work.

For reference, my original question is at .


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Marshall Burns wrote:
> I have a script that downloads a sequence of files online. Every hundred
> files or so, it fails with:

Check for the return value being equal to false:


     if( ($sFil = file_get_contents( $sURL )) === false )
         // FAIL
         // SUCCESS


Make sure you use the triple '=' comparison operator since you need to 
check against the type being boolean also.

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