Hi all.

I'm running into a random issue where sometimes it take several minutes (up to 10 or 15) to complete a query. According to 1 or 2 references, this may be a mysql bug. These links explain the similar problem I'm experiencing:


I did some testing yesterday and this 1 sql statement successfully queried (in milliseconds) approximately 50,000 times before it took several minutes to query, which hung all the other processes on the database. Because it occurs successfully so many times, I know the query is good.

Is it possible to set a time limit on a single function in PHP? E.g., when I call mysql_query() and it takes 30 seconds, then quit processing that function and continue on. I know I could set_time_limit () to a specific time, but that would cause a fatal error... and I want to be able to catch it.

Any thoughts on what direction I should go? Also, I'm going to do some research to see if a newer version of mysql has fixed this bug. We're running 5.0.45.


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