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> This is fairly accurate in premise but just to clarify.  Mailservers
> don't operate like this by default and there is really no "trust".
> There are public blacklists that a mailserver can be configured to use
> that tell the mailserver not to accept mail from servers on the
> blacklist.  The blacklists may contain servers that allow anyone to
> relay email, compromised servers, servers known for spam, ip ranges
> known to be held by spammers and *ranges that ISPs designate as dynamic
> or used for subscribers (DSL, cable, dial-up customers, etc. because
> they shouldn't be relaying email).

Regarding the rejection of dynamic IPs by smarthosts, are you saying
that it's a "blacklist" of sorts that lets them know an IP is dynamic?
(Serious question. I don't know the mechanism by which they determine
what is and isn't a dynamic IP.)


Paul M. Foster

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