Hi Martin,

This works great but I was hoping that I didn't have to loop through 
get_declared_classes to find the sub class. 

Is there a way to get the subclasses using Reflection? For example:

$r = new ReflectionClass($name);

Many Thanks

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On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 10:22 PM, Raymond Irving <xwis...@yahoo.com> wrote:

>>This works if you know the name of the class. What I'm looking for is a way 
>>to get one of the sub classes and initialize it dynamically.
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>2009/10/25 Raymond Irving <xwis...@yahoo.com>:
>>> I want to automatically initialize a specific sub class when the php page 
>>> is loaded.
>>> I'm looking for a solution for php 5.1+ or anything that's optimized for 5.3
>>You may be able solve this with a simple class_exists() (pseudo-code ahead):
>>if(class_exists($var)) {
>>    $class = new $var;
>>} else {
>>    $class = new FourOhFour;

This script only works for loaded classes .
If your script has autoloader then there is no way to know the declared classes 
before you declare them.

error_reporting( E_ALL | E_STRICT );

Class Foo {}

Class Bar extends Foo {}
Class Baz extends Foo {}

Class Beer extends Bar {}
Class Pier extends Bar {}

function get_subclasses($class)

    $sub = array();

    foreach(get_declared_classes() as $name )
        $rClass = new ReflectionClass($name);
        if( $rClass->isSubclassOf( $class ))
            $sub[] = $name;
    return $sub;

print_r( get_subclasses( 'Foo' ));
print_r( get_subclasses( 'Bar' ));

Martin Scotta

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