Anyone know of a way to can take Mysql tables/fields from phpMyAdmin or
.sql file and quickly make into HTML forms?

Here is that function...(there are many mods that can be made to this,
but it works)

 * SQL Extactor
 * Author: jblanchard
 * Business Rule:       <if applicable>
 * REVISION:    Jun 19, 2006 
 * USAGE:               used to create form based on sql database info.
 *              dis be da ugly version, needs to be funkionized

/* database connection */ 
if(!$dc = mysql_connect('yourdatabase', 'username', 'password')){
        echo mysql_error();

function formCreate($database, $table, $action, $excludeCols,
         * This function is used to create forms on the fly based on
tables within 
         * the database. The minimal arguments are database name and
table name.
         * Additional arguements may be supplied to indicate columns to
be excluded
         * from form and an action (CRUD) to be performed once the form
         * is filled out. If wanting to do an update, read or delete you
can specify
         * a record to retrieve to populate the form. Default values
will be provided 
         * for arguements not included.
         /* database connection in global variable */
         global $dc;
         /* number of arguements sent to function */
         $numArgs = func_num_args();
         /* test to make sure that you have the minial two arguements */
         if(2 > $numArgs){
                /* not enough arguments */
                $errMsg = "not enough arguements supplied, please supply
database and table name";
         } else {
                 * Supply default values for optional arguements if they
are not set.
                 * An interesting note here: the action can be anything
that the user
                 * specifies, it is not strictly limited to CRUD and it
will be output
                 * in a hidden form field; 
                 * <input type="hidden" name="action" value="whatever
action is called"> 
                 * That way when the user clicks 'Submit' the programmer
can have a 
                 * switch action in his or her processing script to
handle this form. 
                 if(!isset($action))          { $action = 'read'; }
                 if(!isset($recordID))        { $recordID = ''; }
                        $excludeCols = '';
                 } else {
                        /* create an array of excluded columns */
                        $arrExcludeCols = explode(",", $excludeCols);
                /* describe the table */
                $sqlDesc = "DESCRIBE `".$database."`.`".$table."` ";
                if(!($dbInfo = mysql_query($sqlDesc, $dc))){
                        return mysql_error();
                } else {
                        while($tableInfo = mysql_fetch_array($dbInfo)){
                                 * regular expression - we need the data
that exists between the
                                 * parentheses in the Type column of the
database being described
                                 * so that we can use for length values
of form fields
                                        if(preg_match (
"/\((\d{1,}.*?)\)/", $tableInfo[1], $regs )){
                                                /* handle numerical
values in parentheses to create form element lengths */
                                                echo "<input
type=\"text\" name=\"".$tableInfo['Field']."\" size=\"".$regs[1]."\"
maxlength=\"".$regs[1]."\"><br />\n";
                                        } elseif("text" ==
$tableInfo[1]) {
                                                /* handle text columns
                                                echo "<textarea
name=\"".$tableInfo['Field']."\" cols=\"80\" rows=\"10\"></textarea><br
                                        } elseif("enum" ==
substr($tableInfo[1], 0, 4)){
                                                /* handle enumerated
columns and creat drop downs */
                                                 * regular expression -
we need the data that
                                                 * exists between the
single quotes in the Type column of the
                                                 * database being
described so that we can use for option 
                                                 * values in a drop-down
on the form
"/'(.*)'/U", $tableInfo[1], $matches);
                                                echo "<select
                                                for($i = 0; $i <
count($matches[1]); $i++){
                                                echo "</select><br
                                        }//end if preg
                                }//end if in_array
                        }//end while tableInfo
                        /* set up the hidden action field */
                        echo "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"action\"
                        /* provide a submit and reset button */
                        echo "<input type=\"submit\" name=\"submit\"
                        echo "<input type=\"reset\" name=\"reset\"
value=\"Clear\"><br />\n";
                }// end if dbInfo
        }// end if numArgs
}//end function formCreate

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