At 2:48 PM -0400 10/28/09, Robert Cummings wrote:
Bob McConnell wrote:
From: tedd

I found the problem, which basically was that I had declared a variable in a preceding script with the same name, namely $user_id.

When I changed my script to $u_id, everything worked as before. Clearly, Globals are evil.

It's a bitch to have to work with code you can't change unless you are willing to edit over 1500 files.

Just keep in mind that register_globals is deprecated and will be going
away in a future release of PHP. You might want to start thinking about
a strategy to update those files before that happens.

Bob McConnell

I don't think his problem was register_globals, I think it was the other problem of globals... namely variable naming collision causing value clobber.



You were exactly right -- it was a collision.

Now, if I can only find out why header("location:.."); stopped working.

Sometimes old code presents a lot of problems to solve.




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