Thank you, Jay Blanchard and Andrew Ballard!!!

Could you explain what was my fault concerned about this case?
Thanks in advance!
My codes were



$handle = fopen("./menu.php", "r");
$contents = "";

if ($handle) {
    while (!feof($handle)) {
        $buffer = fgets($handle);

        $contents = $contents . $buffer;

echo "<textarea cols=80 rows=30>" . $contents . "</textarea>";



""Jay Blanchard"" <> wrote in message 
[snip]I want to use Textarea as the text-file viewer and editor of my
homepage. But Textarea doesn't work exactly as i intended.
In sometimes, TextArea doesn't show up and moreover the some parts of
the file are displayed(rendered) in browser without TextArea![/snip]

Not enough information to complete your....request? 

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