You are indeed correct! Absolute URLs for everything, images, css, javascript, and links fixed the issue. Took me forever to change every link in the whole site, but it's happy now. Seems like there ought to be an easier way.

On Oct 29, 2009, at 10:52 AM, Shawn McKenzie wrote:

Rob Gould wrote:
I feel like I'm really close to a solution for the clean-url method in
htaccess.  I've successfully got it now so that:

maps to:

However, I'm finding that when I click on subsequent links from:

that I land in a strange url-structure where it replicates the packages
part of the url.

Can someone tell me what I might need to change about my rewrite logic
to fix this issue?  I'm getting lost in the world of base urls and
recursive rewrites...

It's hard to tell without seeing the link and/or what code you use to
generate it, but off the top of my head I would say that it's not a
rewrite issue. It seems to be an issue with using relative URLs in your
links.  If you are on this page (this is in your browser address bar):

The browser will interpret all relative links like 'somefile.php' as:

But if you use your rewritten URL, then the browser will see relative
links as one of the following (not sure which without testing):


This is because it is interpreting the slashes as path separators. You
probably need to generate absolute URLs in your links.


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