Israel Ekpo wrote:
Hi Guys,

I just want to conduct a quick survey to find out what version of PHP people
are using in their production environments.

I have a PHP extension for Solr that I have set the minimum required version
as 5.2.11.

However, most of the PHP users that want to use it are unable to do so
because the PHP version in the PROD environments is below 5.2.11

They are also nervous about upgrading to newer versions as it will require
some regression testing.

In my production environment I am using 5.3.0 and most of the people that I
have contacted seems to be running 5.2.10

When I released the extension, I did all my regression tests against PHP
5.2.11 and now I am considering doing regression tests against 5.2.4
(released 30 August 2007)  and newer versions so that I can set the minimum
required version to 5.2.4 in order to accommodate more people.

I cannot go below 5.2.0 though but I am thinking about starting at 5.2.4 and

I would really appreciate some feedback as it will be useful in helping me
determine which PHP version numbers to do my regression tests against.


PHP 5.2.4-2 on most production boxes
mixed 5.1.6, 5.2 and 5.3's in dev environments

+ interesting release; wish I'd known spent part of the first week in october doing a SOLR integration in PHP *sigh* - on to virtuoso now

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