Daniel Kolbo wrote:
Steve wrote:
Daniel Kolbo wrote:

Is it possible to get a list (array) of classes not found in a script
before the fatal error exits the parser.  I realize that PHP parses the
script twice.  It would be nice at the end of the first parsing pass to
check to see which classes haven't been defined (yet), so that I could
define them before the second pass.  This way I could load only those
classes a script needs.

Thanks in advance,
It sounds like you are looking for autoload:

Mr. Steve that's pretty cool.  Thanks.

Is there a similar type function for autoloading undefined functions?


not afaik, but you should be able to hack it by catching errors, checking for undefined functions then loading your.lib.php file

imho it'd make more sense to wrap misc functions in a class or two as static methods though then you can take advantage of the autoloading.

also if you can use spl autoloading and registration so it plays nice with other libs.


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