Daniel Kolbo wrote:

Is there a way to see what objects and functions a script

I could recursively loop through the globals, but if objects were unset,
then i may miss some.

I could make a 'tracking' object and every time i load/include a file
(which contains a class def or a function def) to add that file to the
tracking object...but it would be nice if i didn't have to modify my
existing code to see which objects and functions a script actually used,
or at least, requested and loaded into memory.

Thanks in advance,
Daniel Kolbo

if it's for debugging, get a good debugger so you can inspect at break points; for use during runtime and something "scripted" you can call the relevant get_defined/declared functions before before your app does it's loading, then the same later on and compare to get a definitive list.

also worth asking if you're refering to objects (as in instances) or classes.

Object = instance of a Class [ $object = new Class() ]

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