on 11/10/2009 08:28 PM Tanveer Chowdhury said the following:
> Hello all,
> Using openssl, I can create CA certificate by using the linux command line.
> But this thing I want to do using PHP that is I want to add some information
> in the openldap regarding a user and also would like to insert his public
> key certificate along with the other information.
> Can you please suggest any link or documentation on this topic. For your
> information I can insert information like user,email,phone,email in openldap
> but haven't tried to insert the certificate in openldap yet. The issue is, I
> want to make the whole process automated like all user information user will
> input in a form and upon clicking submit button all those information along
> with his certificate which will be generated then and there will be inserted
> in openldap.

You may want to try this PHP class exactly for that purpose:



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