Dhanushka Samarakoon wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to select a PHP framework for a small project about 20-25 pages (but
> expected to grow in the future). I was looking at the comparison chart at
> http://www.phpframeworks.com/.
> After browsing through some forums seems like CodeIgniter is the popular
> option. *** But I really like event driven capabilities in Prado and Yii.
> *** Please give me your input on what you think the best framework is and
> why.

can't see anybody helping you here, you just need to try a couple that
fit your requirements and see which one(s) you prefer.

or use zend.

> Also I would like an IDE (preferably free) which support that framework and
> gives syntax highlighting and auto completion not only to the framework but
> using my own classes as well. Also it need to have debugging, call stack,
> variable/object quick view analysis.

searching the archives would be good; this question is asked almost
daily.. but PDT/eclipse, netbeans, aptana

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