2009/11/15 Cemal Eker <cemale...@gmail.com>:
> I just want to implement a shoutbox script for an e-learning application.
> Searched Google for possible solutions but I just want to know what other
> developers use.
> AJAX and GPL is a must.

Strange requirements, but whatever.

A shoutbox is pretty rare on anything except sites aimed at teenagers
so I'm not surprised you haven't had many people jump in and tell you
what they're using, because they're not.

If this is for chatting with the site admin you may want to look into
one of the live support options rather than a shoutbox. They're
private (although I'm sure some have a public option) and they will
provide a much better system for the admin to track multiple
conversations. I really think a shoutbox is the wrong solution for
this particular problem.



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