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>> From: Nisse Engström [mailto:news.nospam.0ixbt...@luden.se]
>> Without actually checking, I don't think "$row[...]"
>> is going to work in double quoted strings. I'm pretty
>> sure it needs to be in braces. You also need to escape
>> the double quotes and put the array indexes in single
>> quotes:
> You should have checked, because "...$row[title]..." is a valid
> alternative for "...{$row['title']}...". 

I didn't know that. It never occured to me to *not*
use single quotes around the index...

> Personally, I never use it because of it not having the same meaning
> outside a double-quoted string -- but it is a documented feature.

Right. I always use braces (or dot-concatenation) for
anything beyond a simple variable name.


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