On Fri, 2009-11-20 at 15:11 -0500, Phil Matt wrote:

> Ashley Sheridan wrote:
> > Well, you're main problem here is that you are only using a single = 
> > character. What that is saying to PHP is: "if you let me assign the 
> > value of $beverage to $row[3] then do this next bit", but what I think 
> > you wanted it to say was "if $row[3] is the same as $beverage then do 
> > this next bit", which would need == instead of =
> > 
> Thanks, Ashley. I don't do enough PHP to get used to the syntax.
> I changed the operators to ==, but my conditional apparently isn't 
> working correctly. I checked to make sure the values in the cells were 
> the strings as I've specified them, but the resultant formatting always 
> defaults to the ELSE color.
> Must be something very simple, but I'm just not getting it.
> Cheers --- Phil

Don't forget to reply to all!

Just a quick question, what do you get if you do:

print $row[3];

Does it contain a string like you expect?


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