On Tue, Jul 10, 2001 at 09:32:32AM +0100, Taylor, Stewart wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using
> OCI8 Revision 1.96
> Oracle Version 8.1
> Apache Apache/1.3.11
> Redhat Linux 6.2
> php 4.0.2
> I am connecting to my database using a non-persistant connection (ocilogin).
> My applications run with no problems during the day.    However, at the end
> of the day there is about 20 database connections still open.  This has
> caused a problem because when the database is shutdown to backup (overnight)
> and then restarted apache still retains the 20 connections.   This means
> that when users begin using the applications again in the morning apache
> starts reusing the old connections plus creating some new ones and causes
> users to be intermittently logged out/refused access/random query failures
> etc..  The error messages logged when this happens are below:
> PHP Warning:  failed to rollback outstanding transactions!: ORA-01012: not
> logged on
> PHP Warning:  failed to rollback outstanding transactions!:
> ORA-24324:service handle not initialized
> A quick fix to this problem is to shutdown apache when the backup is run so
> all the connections are dropped/
> Hovever, should these connections be remaining open in the first place?  Has
> anyone got any ideas?

    if you only use ocilogon and _not_ ociplogon the connection
    will be closed at request and, and apache/php will not keep
    then open - believe me!

    please triple check your setup and report back!


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