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> You're right about trying to use the same session - that was the
> plan to get the
> progress state passed across from one call to the other.
> Closing the session on the generator script has the effect of
> stopping any
> further changes to the session variable, so I get the initial value
> at each
> request after that.

Yes, that would be the expected effect of putting in a session_commit() at the 

> Perhaps I can do it with some other message passing mechanism (e.g.
> a temporary
> file) instead of the $_SESSION.

Yes, that would be a way to go. Another alternative is to re-start the session 
each time you want to write an updated value into it and then immediately close 
it again. The cost of opening and closing a session to write a value into it 
compared to opening and closing a file to write a value into it may be a factor 
here, but I leave that comparison as an exercise for the reader.

Others on the list may, of course, chip in with further options, or have other 
useful, or at least witty, comments. 


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