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>Good Morning all,
>Having a look at the time zone functions in PHP you can enter a time zone
>city and get it's lat long. Does anybody know how you can run the function
>in reverse (or know of a similar function) i.e. get the time zone city from
>the geographic coordinates. Google maps was a thought but the functions are
>only for use in google maps which rules out my use for them.

Don't know what you mean by "Time Zone City".  IF the world were organised 
the time zone for a given location would be given by

Time zone = GMT +  (int)Long/15

But, as Stuart has pointed out, it isn't. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Port 
Sakhalin & Okhosh are all on GMT +10, but treat summertime in at least two and 
three different ways. Also Okhosh, Tokyo, and Adelaide all have a longitude of
approximately 140°, but are on GMT +10, +9, and +9.5. 

If you really want to know the time zone for an arbitrary latitude and 
longitude, I doubt
if you have any alternative to looking it up in an atlas.

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