Just like to share my real world experience with Manuel Lemos'
"formsgeneration" library.

At work early this summer we had a project under a tight deadline that
needed unified form creation, processing, and error reporting.  I had
seen Manuel promoting his formsgeneration class on the mailing list
and thought I'd look into it to help keep the project within the
deadline.  I read some positive reviews and comments, the demos looked
promising, and the interface seemed good enough.  Little did I know
the headaches I was in for.  I found the configuration structures and
interface to be extremely cumbersome, not to mention terribly
documented.  The interface seems quite inefficient and in most cases
its easier just to throw together a form and validation code by hand.
Usage was often convoluted, and due to the poor documentation I spent
half my effort trying to decipher the interface.  And it was difficult
to customize in several areas.  While it can work well enough in
several simple cases, in my opinion it is too cumbersome for any
significant form processing project, especially in the business world.
 I ended up wasting a week of work using the formsgeneration class and
had to redo the project making my own form utility code from scratch
as I went (which took just as much time and actually worked as
intended).  Granted I did make the mistake of not giving myself enough
evaluation time before the project.  I just want caution others to
carefully evaluate this code before deciding to use it in their
projects, especially since Manuel seems so eager to promote his code
(and his web site) whenever the opportunity arises.  And in general,
to be cautious and take your time when evaluating any 3rd party code
for production use.

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