On Nov 23, 2009, at 7:37 PM, Don Wieland wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a mySQL database server in Florida USA (EST) and I want to do a query 
> on a record in California, USA (PST) 3 hours earlier using PST instead of EST.
> I would like to add to my CORE page that offset of the timezone so I can use 
> it in a query like:
> Select * FROM aTable WHERE ServerOffsetTimeStap >= Row_Start_TimeStamp AND 
> ServerOffsetTimeStap <= Row_End_TimeStamp
> How would I do this?
> Appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks!

When I store timestamps, I store them in GMT time. This way, no matter when you 
pull it out of the database, you *know* when it was stored - even in a 
different timezone. To achieve this...

// Put this into the database
$timeIntoDb = time() - date("Z");

// Pull this from the database
$ts = $timeFromDb + date("Z");

Maybe this will make it a little easier to query accordingly...? Hope this 
stirs your brain.


PS... Others may profess that you use UTC instead of GMT, but that's a 
different thread.
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