> The project is a kind of knowledge base. For each entry a user creates, he
> should be able to give additional information, such as every kind of file
> (i.e. not only code files but also images etc).
> There is an <input type="file" ...> where he selects the file to be
> uploaded. The php-script is simply supposed to receive the file and put it
> into the proper database-column (which is a MEDIUMBLOB by the way, should
> enough space, or what's your opinion?).

in my opinion you'd save yourself some major hassle by allowing them to ftp
files like this directly to a server's directory via form based ftp. then
perhaps add a column that adds filenames to itself with the UPDATE sql query
type. this should be enough info for you to write php that could handle a
listing of these dynamicly. I'm still not entirely sure the details but this
is what I would do in the same situation. A db engine is for text, a server
is for storing files. IMHO


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