Hi list members!

 I'm having a strange problem here regarding cookies. First let me explain
the scenery:
 I'm developing a site that have a login system. I'm using PHP , MYSQL and
APACHE under MS windows 98 SE. So, when the user login into the first page,
I "set up" 2 cookies, one with his name and other with the number of
accesses, so, when the user is taken to the main page, I print a message,
and inside this message I print the two cookies. Well, the strange thing, is
that in the beggining, everything was working FINE...but, without any
reason, it stopped to work...it was appearing that the browser wasn't
getting the cookie value or not returning it...So, I tried a lot of times
and nothing happened!...I tried with Netscape and even with Internet
Explorer 5.0...nothing...So, without any reason, AGAIN, it started to work
in Netscape...but It don't work in Internet Explorer...noway...

Any tip? Any experience like this???

Thanks in advance for any kind of help!!!

Best Regards,

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