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hi guys,
this morning I got complains from website owner and tons of visitors -
nobody was able to access the website. it will just timeout.
I contacted hosting company  for more info but they said the virtual
privet server, where the website is, has a lot of traffic and 512MB of
RAM is not enough and I have to make an upgrade to at least 1GB etc.
it does a make a sense.
though, at 4pm I, nor 10 other people I asked for help, was able to
access to the website.
it was a little bit fishy about BIG traffic whole day long (the website
is far from it) and, since I don't have a problem accessing WHM/cPanel
of the server, I downloaded apache access file (stupid, I supposed to do
it in the morning) and found 20-30 IP addresses, repeatedly were trying
to access one (only one) page (something like article.php). and they
were requesting the same page so frequently - nobody else was able to
access to the website. it looked to me like a little DOSS attack - where
attacker wanted just to make the website busy, not to crush the server.
I contacted hosting company again. they said there is nothing they can
do about this-  even I'm paying them to manage my virtual server (I can
manage this way by my self too). of course they can if I pay extra :-(

now, my question is: is there anything I can do to stop these attacks
using php? something? anything?


There's nothing you could do with PHP to fix this really, as trying to
block IP addresses from there would be expensive for the processor and
memory of the server.

You could use the cPanel to block access to the offending IP addresses


Ok... serious answer.  The DoS is either coming from script kiddies
dumb enough to do it from their own IP, or its coming from a bot-net
comprised of computers who's owners are morons and don't keep their
computer secure. Either way, do a WHOIS, reverse DNS query, and
traceroute on the IPs.  You should be able to find the ISPs of the
attacking systems.  Email the ISP tech department with your info and
let them take care of the offending systems.
In my case, on the beginning was 20-30 different IPs. After they are blocked there was much more IPs :-(
But, never was thinking that way.
What I have to send to ISP?  my access log file?

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