Skip Evans wrote:
> I wonder what other alternatives to PP might exist for a possible
> solution to this. I don't know squat about Flash, but  the client is not
> married to PP, just needs some kind of presentation the side can
> assemble, again basically put images and text into something that can be
> displayed to potential clients.
> The OpenOffice API suggestion from Leonard sounds a bit intriguing but
> the client doesn't have a huge budget for me to spend a lot of time
> experimenting.
> I'm wondering what can be done with images and either ImageMagick or
> perhaps GD and then something.
> Skip

1. If they're not married to PP, why not just use HTML?  You can do all
of the same things on your own in PHP/HTML.  Also, this looks pretty

2. If you save a PP as HTML or XML and inspect the tags you can see what
you need to do to build one.  Or PP will open the HTML or XML and it
will behave as a PP presentation if you give it a PP extension instead
of htm/html.  Also, a PP saved in HTML looks great in IE and has some PP


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