Hello everybody,

I am pretty much stuck with a problem and I was hoping to find some help here with you guys.

A PHP Script with MySQL as DB has to find out the first possible booking period available. I can't figure out the logic behind and if there is a trick with PHP to do it.

Following facts:
- There can only be 3 bookings in the same time period
- I want to find out the first period available
- There should be a less as possible periods that are unbooked

Start   End
1.12    14.12
4.12    18.12
5.12    19.12
In this example the first possible booking would be 14.12 - 28.12 as this is a time period where I can offer a place that holds a max of 3 bookings.

My Problem now is how to pull this info and process it?

Should I get all dates out of the DB and process them via PHP, or do a magical MYSQL Query (which by the way seems not to be possible in that case in my knowledge) ?

Let's asume we go with PHP. Has somebody an idea how to form that kind of logic?

Thank you for ANY help,


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