Good day.

I'm looking for a good class to handle building dynamically from and
array (and if it is good it will automatically determine / or even
have different methods) to handle mutli-dimensional arrays or simple
associative arrays ... and build the SQL statement :

for example I have an array :

$home[$suburb]["street"] = test1;
$home[$suburb]["housenr"] =2;

Ok to keep it simple to 2, then I want to build the SQL like

insert into homes (STREET, HOUSENR) VALUES ($val1,$val2);

something like that, but I could also pass some array like :

$home["street"] = test2;
$home["housenr"] = 2;

but the idea stays the same = the index is the name of the DB fields
and the assigned value the element

I have looked on hotscripts and phpclasses but I have no idea how good
the solutions are that I have found thus far - therefor need some
recommendation from someone else past experience of this

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