Kirby Bakken wrote:
> None of the servers I run on have PHP 5.3, and I have no idea when
> they'll be updated.  The json_last_error function is in 5.3.  What can I
> do to provide a temporary json_last_error function until my servers get
> updated to 5.3?  Is there source available for json_last_error somewhere?
> Thanks,
> Kirby

I don't believe you will be able to provide this functionality without
recreating the json_decode() function also.

json_last_error() looks like it retrieves information that is from the last
attempt to run json_decode() on a given string.  My guess is that json_decode()
set an internal variable that json_last_error() picks up and returns.

Without having json_decode() say what the problem was/is then you can never
recreate the json_last_error() function.

Jim Lucas

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