Hi Allen

Allen McCabe wrote on 2009-12-07 21:03:
I have been using includes for my content for a while now with no problems.
Suddenly it has stopped working, and it may or may not be from some changes
I made in my code structure.

I use default.php for most or all of my pages within a given directory,
changing the content via page numbers in the query string.

So on default.php, I have the following code:

  $thispage = $_GET['page'];
  $content = 'content/'.$_GET['page'].'.inc';
> else
> {
>   $thispage = "default";
>   $content = 'content/default.inc';
> }

WOUW! this is a potential security issue!

I can add _any_ parameter to page, incl. an external one, so skip this and use a switch instead

switch($_GET['page']) {
  case "admin": $content = "content/admin.inc"; break;
  case "member": $content = "content/member.inc"; break;
  default: $content = "content/default.inc";

What use is $thispage by the way?

<html>, <body>, <div> etc.
<?php include($content); ?>

I have a content subdirectory where I store all the pages with files such as
"default.inc, 101.inc, 102.inc, etc.

As I said, this has been working fine up until now, if I use the url
"user/default.php" or just "user/" I get this error:

*Warning*: include(content/.inc)

$_GET['page'] is not set, try and print it to the screen aswell...

failed to open stream: No such file or directory in *
/home/a9066165/public_html/user/default.php* on line *89*


*Warning*: include()
Failed opening 'content/.inc' for inclusion
(include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in *
/home/a9066165/public_html/user/default.php* on line *89*

But if I use "user/default.php?page=default"  I get the correct content.

It's acting as if page is set, but set to NULL, and then trying to find an
include at path "content/.inc"  what's going on??

Kind regards
Kim Emax - masterminds.dk

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