On Mon, 2009-12-07 at 14:39 -0800, Allen McCabe wrote:

> I have a shopping cart type system set up which keeps track of the cart
> contents using a SESSION variable, where $_SESSION['cart'][$item_id'] is
> equal to the quantity, so the name/value pair is all the information I need.
> But sessions are unreliable on the free server I am currently using for this
> website (not my choice), so I had start using cookies because users were
> being sporadically logged out, sometimes just on a page refresh.
> I want to find a way to set a cookie to remember the cart items as well, and
> I thought setting a cookie for each item/quantity pair was the way to go
> until I started trying to figure out how to unset all those cookies if the
> user empties their cart.
> Is there any way to set cookies with an array for the name? Intead of
> $_COOKIE['item_number'] have $_COOKIE['cart']['item_number'] like I have the

What about storing a unique ID in the cookie, and matching it up with
information for that user in a database. It's sort of simulating a
sessions, but without the session handler getting involved, which looks
slightly messed up from what you've said.


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