why don't try to use eval()

read the PHP file from within your PHP script
and eval the read file,

"Siva Subraj" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Dear list,
> I have a strange problem with the weird behaviour of exec() or system()
> When I do:
> exec('/usr/local/bin/php somescript.php if=infile.txt of=outfile.txt >
> out_somescript &');
> in a script invoked by apache, it works perfectly - the somescript
> 'infile.txt' and produces 'outfile.txt' .
> BUT, if I take off the ampersand '&'  (ie  I want to exec it and to wait
> it to finish before going ahead),  it does NOT work. I find an empty file
> 'out_somescript' and no 'outfile.txt' at all.
> I recompiled php (ELF binary in /usr/local/bin) without
> --enable-force-cgi-redirect
> --enable-safe-mode --enable-discard-path
> All files have universal read permission, the directory is writable by
> group. There is suExec module.
> I also tried system() to make a shell invocation.
> The problem persists: with & it's ok, meanwhile without it doesn't execute
> the script.  What is wrong?  Please help me, thanks!!
> Siva

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