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> Okay, my mistake.
> E_USER_WARNING and E_USER_NOTICE are supposed to continue execution,
> correct?


> ThenĀ  I will restate what I previously said. throwing ErrorException from an

No no. Stop there. Exceptions are *totally* different from E_*.

> ERROR_HANDLER(...) is useless iwht E_USER_WARNING and E_USER_NOTICE. Why?
> Because when you throw the exception from the ERROR_HANDLER, presumably it
> may NOT get caught in a try/catch block. Therefor the execution cannot
> continue.

Exactly. And that is the point.
Why would you be turning E_USER_* into exceptions if you don't want to
bail out of the current scope?

If you throw an exception from the error handler, what exactly do you
expect to happen?
I gave several reasons for why that simply is impossible, but I am
curious: what exactly are you expecting?

> Therefor, I think that either a check to see if the TRY/CATCH has been
> initiated further up the call stack, or a function to call from within the
> EXCEPTION_HANDLER that will return execution to the previous scope.
> I don't see how this is difficult to understand.

So you expect a scripting language to scroll up the entire execution
chain to see if there is a catch() block at all, and if there is no
catch() block, the simply ignore the exception and continue?
If thats your expectations then you are severely misunderstanding the
concept of exceptions.

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