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I've been watching some of this debate with interest, but I'll stay with a database that has none of the baggage that MySQL has always had, and IS currently replacing Oracle in many large sites :)

Lester Caine - G8HFL

Do share your db of interest... (and please don't say MSSQL).


MSSQL has nearly brought me to tears and could have easily made me bald
through hair pulling!

I have to say, I do like MySQL, it's very flexible and fast, and being
able to choose different storage engines for different tables in the
same DB is brilliant! I really don't think there's anything to overly
worry about from Oracle, as the two DB's have different audiences.


Unfortunately, I do not share your optimism. I believe that Oracle taking over MySQL would be a disaster of epic proportions.

The "different audiences" theory has been bought up several times but I haven't [to date] seen a sound justification for it. Oracle wants everyone to use ... Oracle, I can't see how this "different audiences" theory is going to make Oracle promote MySQL, perhaps someone can tell me?

I don't think the EU would be able to do anything about it. The powerful companies almost always get what they want.

I don't think Monty wouldn't be doing this unless he felt that something [put mildly] bad is coming.

What has happened, has happened. Trying to figure out who is to blame for this mess is pointless. Ideally, It would be nice if Oracle took its claws off MySQL and found another project to ruin.

Note: I am *not* trying to spread FUD

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