Hey guys, I've been on this list since 1997, wow, 12 years! Anyways, we've
been desperately trying to find a talented LAMP developers/Linux "admin".
We've got recruiters hunting, but all the candidates are sub-par and it's
wasting a lot of my/our time. It seems that many people CLAIM to be LAMP
devs, but when you actually quiz them, they fail horribly. Or they don't
know their way around a Linux system, if it doesn't have a pretty GUI. So,
I apologize if this is not allowed on the list, but I don't see a "job"
list (http://www.php.net/mailing-lists.php maybe there should be? )

Since I'm going to be working directly with this person, I figured I'd just
take the bull by the horns and post here to find someone with skills
amongst my fellow PHPriends. I'm not a recruiter, just a worker-bee here at
PAC and want to find another developer that I can be sure will take pride
in their work and get things done and not dump it all on my lap. So with
that, here is the job description. If you're in the Bothell, WA (Seattle)
area or the Lake Forest, CA (Irvine/OC) area, and are interested in a
6-month contract to perm job, let me know. BTW, everyone starts as a
contractor here, myself included. It's an easy way to "test" someone and
not have to worry about firing them if they turn out to suck. I was offered
my perm position after only 3 months, as were my two co-workers. This is an
immediate ASAP opening.

--------------------- 8< ----------------------------------------- >8

We are looking to hire an "MTS III, Software" AKA: a "Senior LAMP

Panasonic Avionics Corporation is the world's leading supplier of in-flight
entertainment and communication systems. Headquartered in Lake Forest,
California, Panasonic Avionics Corporation maintains corporate and
engineering offices in Bothell, Washington; The position can be filled at
either location. http://www.panasonic.aero/Contacts/Contact.aspx

Core responsibilities are to design and develop software for the LAMP
stack. You will be part of a small and agile software development team and
must be able to work using Internet collaboration tools, such as instant
messaging, CVS/SourceForge, Wiki, Bug trackers, etc.  You should be
familiar with the Linux environment from a command line. The chosen
candidate will be responsible for developing and maintaining the current
customer facing ground-application suite and future applications which
support our IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) system.

Duties include:

 * Design and implement database-driven reports from a database with 1
Billion rows
 * Design and develop web applications in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery,
 * Design and optimize SQL databases (with a focus on mySQL, but some
Oracle and MSSQL)
 * Perform complex SQL JOINs and SUB SELECTS (no functions, triggers or
procedures needed currently)
 * Be familiar with mySQL CLI tools and commands (such as EXPLAIN, SHOW,
DESCRIBE, mytop, etc.)
 * Monitor mySQL replication/clusters (Master/Slaves) and basic DBA skills
related to uptime thereof
 * Enhance software to reduce operating time or improve efficiency (ie.
mySQL slowlog, reduce JOINs, etc.)
 * Develop system architecture and design including software, hardware,
communications and interface requirements
 * Prepare, review, and evaluate documentation, specifications, test plans
and procedures
 * Conducts analysis to define, analyze and allocate requirements
 * Budget time and make accurate estimates for task completion
 * Prepares program-level/code documentation and self-documenting code (ie.
Wiki, PHPDoc)
 * Basic Ubuntu server maintenance, security and knowledge required (CLI
only, no GUI)
 * Python experience is a definite plus
 * Eventually creating Unit Tests and User Acceptance Tests (UAT)
 * Engage in Pair Programming and Code Reviews

 * Applicant must be able to effectively communicate on a technical level
with hardware and software engineering personnel. The position does not
require the communication skills set required to communicate with external
 * Applicant must be capable of solving complex software problems,
trouble-shoot code, and provide very creative input on user interface

EDUCATION: BS Computer Science, or equivalent and 8 years of experience.

WORK EXPERIENCE: 8+ years of software development experience. Being a small
team, we need senior level people, not newbies.

SOFTWARE SKILLS: Must be very experienced with PHP and familiar with web
development pitfalls such as browser incompatibilities/quirks and CSS/JS
discrepancies. PHP and SQL optimization tricks and techniques appreciated.

Feel free to send me your resumes for review and then I'll send worthy
candidates to my boss to schedule a more formal interview. (Send them to
the email below please, not my personal one I used to post this from -- I
like to keep things organized, plus it'll be a test to see how well you
follow directions *wink*) Sorry, there is no relocation offered.

Daevid Vincent
MTS-IV, Software
O: 425.415.9334
E: daevid.vinc...@panasonic.aero
W: http://www.panasonic.aero
Panasonic Avionics Corporation

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