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> Dear list,
> e-Greetings,

> I've developed some PHP-driven web applications. These applications will be
> installed on different
> linux-based servers (typically Debian and Redhat). Usually, after I copy the
> files to the
> server, they DO NOT WORK, so I spend hours to debug the problem. Problems
> are very funny,
> for example, the program is giving strange errors, and it is not working
> because "short_open_tags" are off !

> I decided to write a PHP script to check if server's configuration meets my
> requirements.
> - checking whether some php extensions are loaded, eg. MCrypt.
> - checking wheather short_open_tags is ON
> - checking whether mod_rewrite is enabled
> - etc.

> Here's my question:

> - How do you check if .htaccess is working, *** via php code *** ?
> It's easy to check if .htaccess exists (@php: file_exists), but how to make
> sure if .htaccess is working?!
> - How do you check if AllowOverride is set to All in apache's configuration?

> Please let me know what do you think. Thank you in advance.
> -behzad

Make sure that you did your scripts executable(chmod +x)
You can check .htaccess that way:
create  .htaccess  if folder with script, override some directive thru
it, like php's max execution time.
then    create    php    script,    get    php   value   that   you've
changed(max_execution_time),   compare   to  the  value  you  gave  in
.htaccess, if values are the same, .htaccess is working!


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