Good Day,


                I need help in in validating a form.

                The for is valdated be a javascript frist then if all the
fields are filled in its valaded be PHP.


                The Form starts with:

                <form name="myForm" action="<?php echo
$_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];?>" method="post" onsubmit='return formValidator()' >


The "formValidator()" goes to a javascript and does display the missing
information in this case BUT then the page gets reloaded and clears all the
javascript error messages and does the PHP validation.


The PHP only runs if the fields are set by testing using 'isset".


Without puting on numeric lines of go can you suggest things I must have
overlooked. Silly request but there must be something I'm overlooking.    I
have simular code on other programs but this one is casuing me trouble.


Thanks every so much..








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