Hi Adam,

On 23 Dec 2009, at 17:21, Adam Sonzogni wrote:

> If you read the thread I useda php page totest mysql connectivity after 
> phpmyadmin did not work...
> At this point I am willing to pay someone to troubleshoot this as I am 
> baffled there is no definitive troubleshooting documentation for Windows 
> installs.

That's because nobody likes Windows ;-)

> What is at Line 4 in your test.asp? The error you provided said that there
> was a problem where it could not find the default driver to use.
> Also when you get the connection failed you were trying to connect to MYSQL
> from the system running MYSQL correct?

I'd suggest installing the MySQL GUI tools (from http://dev.mysql.com) on your 
server - they may give you a better picture of what's going on.

I take it you've installed the ODBC connector for MySQL?  You didn't mention in 
your post if you had or not and I'm not familiar enough with MySQL on Windows 
to know if the essentials package includes it.

The error you're getting from ASP means it doesn't recognise the driver "mySQL" 
or is looking for an ODBC connection called "mySQL" which doesn't exist.


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