put in somewhere outside the document root, as long as your apache isn't
"jailed" php can read your flat file wherever you put it, as long as its
owned by the webserver user - Russ

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Subject: [PHP] flat file db

i am setting up a flat file database.  i want to restrict acess so that
users cant view it intentionally or accidentally.  i am pretty positive this
is a job for htaccess but i am pretty clueless in this area(one of many
areas i am clueless in)  anyone got a suggestion on a tutorial or another
way to protect the db other than htaccess?

Thank You,
Jon Yaggie
And they were singing . . . 
'100 little bugs in the code
100 bugs in the code
fix one bug, compile it again
101 little bugs in the code
101 little bugs in the code . . .'
And it continued until they reached 0

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