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> Copenhagen sents kind regards too, may you all have some swell days.
> And C U at Queensday? :o)
Alas, Queensday is not what it used to be.

Ever since they (our fun-hating mayor Cohen and his cronies) closed down the
night market and nightly festivities, it has been on a downward slide..
The day-market has gotten way too commercial (read:lame)  too.
And most of the day-street-parties have lame DJs imo, playing mostly house
music that's so monotonous that it's only nice to dance to if you completely
fill yourself up with drugs & alcohol.

Starting last year, boats are now severely limited in their audio-levels.
It's now no longer allowed "to hear the music from more than 10 meters from
the boat". Another set of nails in the coffin.

IMO, it's the neo-kak of Amsterdam that's causing this. Those nice old big
houses on the canals, they're these days owned mostly by those not raised in
Amsterdam. People from the richer villages and towns have moved in.. I read
a report in the paper about how those rich turds have complained to the city
council about the loudness and "disturbances" of Queensday..

I'll admit that on queensday with fine weather the "vrij markt" (garage
sales by 20k+ citizens in downtown alone) you can still pick up some cool
art & items cheaply. And all the kids doing the garage-sale thing with their
leftover toys are cute too of course. But that's about what's left of the
entire "old" Queensday.

I'm genuinely sorry to be the one to break the bubble about this once very
cool party..

But i recommend anyone buying a planeticket and hotelroom for it to find a
new party scene.
Queensday ain't worth the money anymore imo..

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