Okay so PHP designers explicitly decided against multiple inheritances,
but aren't there legitimate needs for multiple inheritance in OOP?

For example, consider the following three classes (A,B,C) with the
following properties (a number is a distinct property or method).

A: 1, 2, 3
B: 1,    3
C: 1, 2,

I would like to set the 3 classes up so that no object has 'extra'
properties than it requires, so that no property has to be
declared/defined in two or more classes, and so that we are strictly
using single inhertiance.  I don't think it's possible.  I've been
incorrect beforee...If i'm incorrect please let me know how to set this
up as a single inhertance class structure.

If this is not possible, why doesn't the PHP community implement
multiple inheritance?  (I'm anticipating that someone will say, you
simply need to redefine what you are calling your objects so that the
properties do permit a single inheritance...)

I'm very interested to hear why there is the dogma of single inheritance


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