In general, the Zend Engine is an integral part of PHP (the "engine" so
to speak of PHP). It's open source, and is developed as part of PHP
generally speaking by the same community (or maybe specific people in
that community).

Zend Server (incl. Zend Server CE) is a Zend (the company) product. A
simplistic description of it would be that it's a commercial
distribution of PHP with some extra components - Optimizer+ being one of

The two are very different things, and should not be confused :)

My specific comments follow:

On 29/12/09 17:00 PM, Daniel Kolbo wrote:
> Shawn McKenzie wrote:
> > Daniel Kolbo wrote:
> >> Hello,
> >>
> >> I'm missing some unifying piece of the zend/php puzzle...
> >>
> >> I understand the basics of zend engine opcode, caching the opcode,
> >> optimizing the opcode, and caching the optimized opcode, etc...   The
> >> part I'm struggling with is somewhere in the zend world.
> >>
> >> Under a typical php install where does the zend engine live (like what
> >> file)?
> >
> > I don't think it is separate from PHP itself.  The Zend engine was a
> > rewrite of the PHP execution engine with resource/mem management and
> the
> > API for loadable extensions, etc...  Later adding the PHP 5 OOP stuff.
> >
> >> I am under the impression that I need to install the Zend Server
> >> Community Edition (ZSCE) to get the zend optimizer+.  I thought PHP
> came
> >> with the zend engine...why do i now have to download this ZSCE just to
> >> add a component to the engine i already have?
> >>
> >> 1)  Is there a way to turn on zend optimizer+ component (like in
> php.ini
> >> zend extension) without having to install ZSCE?
> >
> > It is an extension available on the Zend download page.

Unlike "Optimizer", "Optimizer+" is not available as a separate
download, but only as part of Zend Server (and ZSCE). You could
technically just download ZSCE, grab the .so / .dll of Optimizer+ and
add it to any other compatible (same version, similar build) PHP setup.
It may or may not work, and generally at Zend we only test Optimizer+ as
part of Zend Server.

> >
> >> 1.2) If i have to install the ZSCE stack, wouldn't this effectively be
> >> adding another engine on my machine?
> >

You would effectively be adding another PHP installation, so the answer
is technically yes. The Engine is not separate from PHP, so it's not
"another Engine" - it's another installation of PHP.

> > Yes, it is a install of PHP with alot of other stuff bundled in.  So it
> > depends upon what you need and if you want to install/configure PHP
> > yourself with all of these additions, or if you just want to install
> the
> > Zend server.
> >
> >
> Hello Mr. McKenzie,
> Thanks for the response.  I do not see zend optimizer+ on:
> http://www.zend.com/en/downloads/
> There is a zend optimizer download link, but this is different than zend
> optimizer+.  My understanding is the former facilitates with the use of
> zend gaurd while the latter optimizes the opcode.  I want the latter
> component.

That is generally true - they both do optimizations, while Optimizer
also loads Guard-encoded files and Optimizer+ also does opcode caching
after optimizing it. If you're looking for performance Optimizer+ is the
one you're looking for. That said, it is not available as a separate
download - only as part of ZS/CE.

> Where does one obtain the zend optimizer+ component?  (I spent the
> better part of my saturday trying to find it).  I ended up installing
> the zend server community edition to see how it configured its own
> apache and php installs in the httpd.conf and php.ini as a way to shed
> some light on to my understanding.
> The zend server is using different libraries then the standard php
> install.  I could try to mimic the behaviour of the zend server
> configuration with my original php configuration; however, I'm a bit
> concerned about only grabbing partial components...maybe i don't need to
> be so worried.  Maybe this plan isn't even possible.

As I mentioned this might or might not work, depending on what PHP
exactly you'll try to run it on. BTW why not just use ZSCE? Which
incompatibilities did you encounter?



> I guess i was expecting to google, 'install zend optimizer+ component'
> and find gooooogles of howtos.  Because i don't see this, it makes me
> wonder if i'm trying to do something i oughta not...
> My question boils down to:
> How do I extend my current php install to add a component (zend
> optimizer+) to my current php install?
> Thanks,
> dK
> `

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