From my experience, I have had reported one incorrect country-level IP from Maxmind's paid service (returned US vrs Canada for a Canadian IP). But their free version is based on the commercial lists, just not updated as often, or automatically (you download and store locally on your server). So should be nearly as accurate as long as you maintain the lists (ie. think is weekly, being 2-weeks behind). That said, someone on another list is running a geo-location service comparison test, where you click links to the various services, then enter the location they returned. He was compiling the results, and so far has reported the following:
So far some crazy numbers and realities. Of these numbers, all of the vendors missed 25 exact city locations equally. So our continued plan is to measure how far off the approx. 25% are so we can then say, "OK, x vendor is 100% accurate up to x% and then x% accurate within say x-y miles". The shocking thing to us is still how some of the more expensive providers will say their definition of accuracy on a city level can be within 25 miles. Thus you would receive statistical confidence of a 90-100 for an IP that shows Pasadena, Calif. and yet in reality be located in Long Beach, Calif., or the same for San Jose, Ca. and yet be further up the peninsula in San Carlos, Ca.

total: 103

ip2: 55
quova: 46
ipiligence: 32
whatis: 62
maxmind: 63

By the way, we are obviously way short still on queries so if you haven't clicked on the link, please do so and follow some ez pz instructions:

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So help him out by clicking the link (although not sure what he means by "e-zed-p-zed instructions".... ;-{)] )


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How can I access an index for IP to a country (or a more detailed

has both free and various paid services.


Hi George,

How accurate are the free ones compared to the paid ones?


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