I figured it out but not sure why.

On the dev server the script ran with no errors
On the live server the script created the header already sent error.

In the code I did not execute ob_start() at the top of the script.
Once I executed ob_start at the top of the script on the live server it worked 
with no header already sent error.

I cannot see why on the dev server it works with the ob_start() command in 
inside the script while the live server had an error when it was in the same 
place in the script.

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There're some other code that is sent to client. You must send cookie
first, at header, then the other data.

Please send code to view your case.

With regards,

On Wed, Dec 30, 2009 at 12:09 AM, Marc Fromm <marc.fr...@wwu.edu> wrote:
> I am receiving the "Cannot send session cookie - headers already sent" 
> message even though I am using ob_start() at the top of my script.
> The php.ini file has output_buffering set to 4096 4096.
> My server is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2
> I am using PHP 5.1.6
> Is there some other setting I need to adjust to be able to start a session 
> within the php script?
> Thanks
> Marc

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