I have recently been engaged in an argument via email with someone who 
criticises my low opinion of design patterns (refer to 
http://www.tonymarston.net/php-mysql/design-patterns.html ). He says that 
design patterns are merely a convention and not a reusable component. My 
argument is that something called a pattern is supposed to have a recurring 
theme, some element of reusability, so that all subsequent implementations 
of a pattern should require less effort than the first implementation. If 
design patterns do not provide any reusable code then what is the point of 
using them?

I do not use design patterns as I consider them to be the wrong level of 
abstraction. I am in the business of designing and developing entire 
applications which comprise of numerous application transactions, so I much 
prefer to use transaction patterns (refer to 
http://www.tonymarston.net/php-mysql/design-patterns-are-dead.html and 
http://www.tonymarston.net/php-mysql/transaction-patterns.html ) as these 
provide large amounts of reusable code and are therefore a significant aid 
to programmer productivity.

What is your opinion? Are design patterns supposed to provide reusable code 
or not? If not, and each implementation of a pattern takes just as much time 
as the first, then where are the productivity gains from using design 

Tony Marston

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