On 12/31/2009 12:25 AM, aditya shukla wrote:
Sorry for the vague question.

This is how the survey is.We have some question and answers to that
questions.Some answers have multiple options(drop down) and some answers are
to be entered in a text box.My aim s to get the answers and generate the
report based on the answers (by using some mathematical formula's on the

The report would contain a paragraphs depending on what answers are selected
or entered.

My question is for some answers the result is fixed say

What's your fav color?



Report You are a peace loving person. (similarly for other colors).But for
some questions the answers are to be generated on the fly.

How long do you sleep ?

text box:- 12 hours.

report:-You are a lazy person.(here the answer depends on the value entered
in the text box.

So i cannot save the results in a table.So should i store some of the
answers in the database?How should i go about this.


Source Forge has dozens just such programs. Use one of them.

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