On Tue, 2010-01-05 at 13:29 -0800, Eric Fowler wrote:

> I have a need to call a C language function from a PHP script.
> The function, which I wrote, looks like this:
> /*
> * foo(): Takes a string in sIn and writes another string into sOut
> according to what is passed in, and the
> * value at *pcch. Will not write more than *pcch bytes to output,
> including null terminator.
> * Upon return, *pcch contains number of chars written to sOut.
> */
> void foo(const char * sIn, char * sOut, size_t * pcch);
> So basically I need to pass down a string, and get back a string.
> I have been using swig but clearly I ain't getting it (I am good in C
> but new to PHP). Lots of warnings, crashes, and so on. No happiness.
> The swig docs show how to pass strings between python, java, etc., and
> C, but nothing on C <---> PHP.
> Can anyone help me with a fragment of sample code, or a link?
> Thanks
> Eric

Can't you just compile the C into an executable and call it from a
shell? There are several ways to retrieve input from shell programs.


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