Slack-Moehrle wrote:
Hi All,

Win 2003, PHP 5.2.12 and IIS 6.

I have PHP configured as ISSAPI and it is serving PHP pages. When I try a page 
that requires MySQL I am getting just:

PHP has encountered an Access Violation at (and a RANDOM number)

It means you didn't follow the instructions on the PHP site properly:

Specifically you want to ditch ISAPI and use FastCGI. Additionally, when setting up FastCGI in IIS you want to use the NTS build of PHP (Non-Thread-Safe). This is VERY important:

Then because you'll be pretty screwed for one of the usual bytecode caches you'll want to use Microsoft's WinCache bytecode cache for PHP FastCGI:

After you've done all this, you'll almost certainly find you no longer get this error.

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