hi all,
i'm trying to write a wrapper function for "mysqli_stmt_bind_results".
and expect it to work the same way it accepts and bind results to the
original function.

the problem is, i couldn't find a way to pass the args by reference
via func_get_args and register the out put from call_user_func_array
to the caller scope.. any idea?

here goes few lines which i'm trying hard for past 48 hours.. with no luck.. :(

class stmt {
       private $stmt;

       public function bind_result() {
                $argsToBindResult = func_get_args();
                $argList = array($this->stmt);
                $argList = array_merge($argList, $argsToBindResult);
                call_user_func_array('mysqli_stmt_bind_result', $argList);

$stmt->prepare('SELECT name,email FROM users WHERE id = ?');
.. ..
echo $name,$email;

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