Angelo Zanetti wrote:
Thanks all, for the responses and advice.

After much research and trying out we decided to go with:

its PHP based and also uses the EXTJS library. Its got quite a lot of
features (calendar, tasks, email, notes, documents, reporting) etc... with a
great AJAX interface and good functionality.

I'm using it within a government context and they're really enjoying it. I had a to make a few coding adjustments to facilitate a language switcher between English and French as is normal in a Canadian context. Additionally, due to the lack of folder hierarchy for documents (they rely on the tagging system which is inefficient for our document management) we are abusing the workspace system to provide the folder hierarchy. This necessitated a hack to prevent the aggregated view of all documents within sub-workspaces at parent workspace levels. If you're using 1.5 btw, you should update to 1.6 ASAP since it corrects some issues with inherited group permissions.

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